EMI Twente

EMI Twente performs confidential contract research directly with industry in the field of membrane science and technology. It aims to bridge academic research with industrial needs. EMI Twente originates from and works closely together with the Membrane Science and Technology cluster, which is a cluster of seven research groups active in all relevant membrane areas. EMI Twente is active in almost any major relevant membrane field and has a diverse set of expertises, including development of polymeric, inorganic and hybrid membranes, transport phenomena, and process design.

EMI Twente makes use of the knowledge and infrastructure of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Twente and the MST cluster in particular. Most EMI projects are practical in nature and are treated confidentially. Intellectual property generated during projects always goes to the client.

Next to the typical R&D projects, EMI Twente offers also other services such as characterization of membrane samples, piloting studies, consultancy, workshops and desktop studies. 


  • Devise innovation based on fundamental academic know-how
  • Be a hotbed for future membrane innovations
  • Utilize innovation potential for separation, purification and recovery challenges
  • Facilitate level of adoption by increasing the knowledge level in industry
  • To be recognized as a leading independed R&D-oganization for industry

Companies involved in the development of innovative membrane technology face many challenges:

Is there a demand for the product?
What are the market’s needs and expectations?
How does performance compare to that of existing membranes?
Can we improve performance using the resources at our disposal?
How do we arrive at a proof-of-principle?
What has to be done before we can take our innovation to market?

EMI Twente helps companies answer such questions and bring the practical implementation of an idea multiple steps closer to reality.

Why work with us?

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25 years of experience

EMI Twente was founded in 1995 as part of the academic ‘”Membrane Science and Technology” group of Twente University

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