EMI Twente conducts research on behalf of industrial clients spread around the world. The Institute was founded in 1995 and has since completed some 400 projects for more than 160 companies in over 20 countries.

Our team comprises highly experienced membrane technology experts who between them can claim over 250 years of research experience. Moreover, they are in close contact with over 60 colleagues and the 7 research groups of the Membrane Science and Technology (MST) cluster at the University of Twente.

Membrane producers

Membrane producers who wish to develop innovative products but have limited in-house research capacity or want to have access to the newest developments at the University

End users

End users of membrane technology, such as the oil&gas, (petro)chemical industry, food industry and water production and water treatment companies, who want to understand how a certain membrane technology performs in there processes (e.g. benchmarking)

Material manufacturers

Manufacturers of polymers and inorganic materials who wish to determine whether they can be used to produce membranes which are likely to perform better than existing options and with that creating added value for their products;

Technology providers

Technology providers wishing to investigate the potential of new membranes in specific fields of application or understanding their separation performance.