Contract research & development

From idea to product

EMI Twente helps companies and research institutes to navigate the route from idea to commercial application. We focus on four key phases that aling with the technology readines level.

1. Feasibility study 

This takes the form of a desktop or short experimental study in which we identify the key characteristics of the market and the commercial viability of the proposed product or application. This phase is usually completed within one month.

2. Proof of principle

We perform a full technical validation in the lab, identifying all ins and outs of the product or process. This phase culminates in the proof-of-principle and generally takes between one month and a year.


We devote attention to the production process, reproducibility and further optimization of the performance. Research results are compared to those of other membranes (benchmarking). This phase culminates in the production of a working prototype and is generally between six months and two years in duration.

4. demonstration under industrial conditions

The product is subjected to extensive testing in a small pilot plant under actual operational conditions. Assuming it performs to expectations, the product is now ready for upscaling and market launch. This phase generally takes between three and six months.