EMI Twente sells customized membrane-related equipment such as spinning machines, spinnerets and high pressure cells. In the past 15 years we have delivered various custom-designed spinning machines to more than 10 different customers all over the world, ranging from universities and research organizations to membrane companies. We can supply these machines in different sizes:

  • Compact benchtop for recipe development (100 ml dope solution)
  • Lab scale for screening spinning parameters (0.5 – 1 L dope solution)
  • Pilot scale for fabricating larger batches of fibers of consistent quality (1-3 L dope solution)
  • Larger pilot scale for small scale production of fibers. Multi-nozzle system (3-50 L dope solution)

The design is always adjusted to the specific needs of the customer.

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Recipe development

Small batches, ATEX compliant

<0,1 L dope solution

Max. 10 m/min

Lab scale

Parameter screening

Medium batches

0,5 -1 L dope solution

Max. 25 m/min


Small scale production

Larger batches

3+ L dope solution

Max. 50 m/min