???? We make it happen: EMI Twente visits Henkel ????

Exciting times at EMI Twente! A part of our team recently had the opportunity to visit Henkel, delving deep into the fascinating world of Epoxies, Polyurethanes, and new, BPA-free adhesives.

???? Learning from one of the industry leaders, we gained valuable insights into the latest advancements in adhesive technologies. From the intricate chemistry behind epoxies to the versatile applications of polyurethanes.

???? Grateful for the warm welcome and knowledge-sharing from the Henkel team. Collaborations like these are help us to stay up to date about what is happening at the adhesive front.

???? Key Takeaways:
The evolving landscape of Epoxies: Still a valuable workhorse for demanding applications.
Embracing sustainability: Henkel is working on solutions that are based on novel chemistries that circumvent the use of for example, BPA and iso-cyanates.

???? A big thank you to Henkel for hosting us and fostering a collaborative environment. Looking forward to applying these learnings in our module making efforts.

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