Our team has more than 250+ years of combined experience in the membrane industry

Dr. ir Patrick de Wit

Managing Director

Patrick has a PhD in inorganic membranes and worked on various topics, ranging from membrane manufacturing, upscaling to membrane process development.

Ir. Heleen Sombekke

Business developer

Heleen brings 20 years of water technology experience to the table and is our business developer working on new projects

Ir. Harmen Zwijnenberg

Senior researcher

Harmen has more than 20 years experience as a membrane researcher, with special expertise in electro-driven membrane processes and filtration of organic solvents.

Dr. Oguz Karvan

Senior Researcher

Oguz (PhD) is an experienced membrane researcher and works on the development of hollow fiber gas separation membranes

Dr. ir. Paulina Sosa Fernandez


Paulina holds a PhD in electro-driven membrane processes and works on liquid filtration projects.

Dr. Wouter Nielen


Wouter is a researcher with a background in chemistry and membrane fabrication, and currently works on the development of novel membrane materials.

Janieke Blom, BSc

Research assistant

Janieke is an experienced research assistant who works on the development and characterization of novel hollow fiber membranes.

Ing. Herman Teunis

Senior Research assistant

Herman is one of the most experienced research assistant at EMI and has been in the membrane research for more than 35 years. His expertise is hollow fiber membrane spinning.

Youri Oude Luttikhuis, BSc

Research assistant

Youri is an experienced research assistant. His expertise is development of novel polymer materials for hollow fiber gas separation membranes

dr. Kristianne Tempelman


Kristianne hold a PhD on the swelling behavior of thin films from the University of Twente. She focuses on the manufacturing and analysis of hollow fiber TFC membranes

Rick van Lin, BSc

Senior Research assistant

Rick is an experienced research engineer and is responsible for building new pilot setups and piloting work.

Kyra van Dijk, BSc

Senior Research assistant

Kyra is an experienced research assistant and works on the development of novel hollow fiber membranes for liquid filtration.

Ilse Pierik, MSc

Senior Research Assistant 

Ilse is an experienced research assistant, het key focus is on membrane and potting development.

Jurjen Regenspurg, MSc


Jurjen is finishing his PhD in Layer-by-Layer modifications of hollow fibers and is an expert on coating technologies.

Marco Willems, Bsc

Research Assistant

Marco brings knowledge on industrial scale membrane production, module making and membrane characterization.

Ameya Krishna B, PhD


Ameya holds a PhD in membrane manufacturing using sustainable materials. Before joining EMI, he worked as a researcher on biomass upscaling 

Annet Molewijk


Annet is a very experienced secretary and takes care of most of the administrative work of EMI Twente