EMI Twente finished building a new pilot-scale hollow fiber spinning rig for the research group of Dr. Benny Freeman of The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin). 

Due to travel restrictions because of COVID-19, a live stream was set up for UT Austin staff to witness the factory acceptance test (FAT), which successfully took place on Thursday, July 9th.  

From Dr. Freemans’s group, Alec Bridge and Kris Gleason were present. The FAT was carried out by EMI Twente’s spinning expert Herman Teunis and EMI Twente’s director Tymen Visser. This pilot-scale hollow fiber spinning rig is capable of fabricating single and dual layer hollow fiber membranes from various polymer solutions into geometries and morphologies ranging from microfiltration up to gas separation. Winding capability is included to collect larger batches of fibers. The design of the machine allows start up and operation with one single person. The spinning line is designed and built by EMI Twente in strong cooperation with the technical workshop (TCO) of the University of Twente. In a couple of weeks the spinning rig will be shipped to UT Austin. Both UT Austin and EMI Twente are looking forward to a further collaboration.

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