INNOMEM has just launched a survey targeting the stakeholders of the nano-enabled membranes sector. The survey presents for the first time an overview of the Service Catalogue that will be offered by the INNOMEM OITB. The goal is to gather feedback and validate the services to meet the needs of the main actors in the field.

Completing the survey takes less than 10 minutes and gives the stakeholders the opportunity of being heard to influence the definition of services that will be accessible to them through the Single-Entry-Point (SEP) to support nano-enabled membranes development and scale-up.

The SEP will provide access to the Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB ) for nano-enabled Membranes that the INNOMEM project is developing. The OITB will provide EU companies with tailor-made support and access to INNOMEM technical and business services suppliers and facilities to develop, test and adopt, new high performance, multifunctional, safe and environmentally friendly nano-enabled membranes in a cost-effective and sustainable way, opening-up demonstration opportunities and accelerating the market opening for these new products. Furthermore, the project will organize two Open Calls to select 20 Democases which will be granted free of charge access to the INNOMEM OITB, starting from July 2022.

Be part of the progress in the membranes sector! Answer few questions on your organization, your current needs, potential solutions, and future useful services. You can access the survey at the following link.

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